Lin of actions to know about Turmeric Powder

There are many reasons that you May be wondering what is turmeric powder. Sometimes it is known as curry powder and is used widely in Southern Asian cuisine. It is sold in some supermarkets and has a yellow orange look. Lately, it is seen more often as a health supplement. So, what is it good for?

That is what you will learn here.


It is prized for its taste and The yellowish color that it conveys to dishes, where it is included. The flavor has been described as earthy, bitter and peppery. The root and the powders smell a great deal like mustard. It is sometimes used in place of dry mustard in recipes.

In medieval European cuisine, It was utilized as a substitute for saffron, a more expensive spice. Thus it is sometimes called by the title Indian Saffron; India, being the country of the plant is origin.

It is the root or rhizome of The plant that is used, not the seeds stalks or leaves, even though the young shoots are sometimes eaten as a spring vegetable in places where it grows.

What is turmeric powder used to flavor? It may be utilized in an assortment of dishes for seasoning, such as poultry, meat, rice and other vegetables. It is most commonly known for its use in curry sauce.

Ancient Remedy

What is turmeric powder used for when it comes to your health? It is one of the plants which are generally used in Ayurvedic medicine, the standard medical clinic of India.

From the west, it is believed Complementary or alternative medicine.

In India, it is recognized as a Legitimate area of study and you will find several accredited universities.

turmeric powder price has its Critics, but professionals were more sophisticated than those in Europe, during the middle ages. Practitioners never used leeches or bloodletting, which was widely practiced in the west.

They learned to perform operation And catalogued the health benefits of plants which grew in the region.

They could treat diabetes, cataracts and infections.

They can remove tumors and perform plastic surgery, long before this became common in the West. They knew about the rejuvenating powers of antioxidants, before scientists developed a name for them.

Modern Research

This might be called a situation of East meets west. Modern scientists have looked at the question of what is turmeric powder. They have discovered that chemicals in the plant is roots have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and anti-cancer activity. They call them curcumins.

Studies have been in the very early Stages, but at any time later on, curcumins might be used to treat cancer. Preliminary studies indicate that curcumins cause the death of cancer cells, with no toxic effect on healthy cells.