Why should you hire a comprehensive disinfection service?

commercial disinfectant cleaning services Mississauga, ON

The presence of viruses, bacteria and other pathogenic agents in companies are risk factors for sick leave.  Fortunately, there are services such as comprehensive disinfection.  Whose efficiency to minimize the level of agents harmful to health is very prominent.

Therefore, hiring a disinfection service with professionals is a valuable alternative to guarantee the safety of employees.  It is also a method that meets health requirements to prevent the spread of certain types of viruses.

In general, there are many reasons to contract a commercial disinfectant cleaning services Mississauga, ON that allows partial disinfection in your facilities.  It consists of a sanitation process that manages to eliminate pathogens in closed environments.  Its application is carried out on inanimate objects and achieves a great reach, reaching every corner and every surface.

It should be noted that there are various levels of disinfection.  Some methods eliminate a certain number of contaminating microorganisms, while others achieve chemical sterilization.  Various companies  provide an efficient disinfection methodology, capable of achieving immediate results.

Disinfection should not be confused with office cleaning.  Well, cleaning achieves the removal of visible dirt particles.  While, the disinfection process encompasses the elimination of microscopic organisms that affect health.

Many companies  offer a technique capable of enhancing the levels of disinfection and health in your spaces.  They make use of disinfection equipment that produces hydrogen peroxide in the form of a mist. This biocidal agent is capable of acting as a powerful disinfectant instantly, and achieves a deep sanitization of the entire installation.

Step by step procedure

  • The size of the areas to be disinfected is assessed, based on this we plan our protocol.
  • After agreeing on the date of the service, we went to the facilities with the disinfection equipment.
  • The company evacuate the people from the area and close the area to guarantee the safety of the personnel.
  • Their technical staff performs a nebulization with hydrogen peroxide in all the indicated areas.
  • After carrying out the disinfection in the facilities, we indicate the end of the service.

Cleaning and disinfection are key points to improve the business image.  In addition, due to the risk of contagion by infectious viruses such as Covid19, the measures taken in disinfection are highly recommended.  In this way it is possible to give customers and employees more security.