How Do You Define sunroom additions?

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Natural light is cherished indoors, especially when it warms your home and seeps through the windows on a chilly spring or fall day. Sunrooms make the most of the available natural light by having wall-to-wall windows. These house modifications mimic the sensation of being outside, but without the pesky bugs or the wind ripping your newspaper from your hands. A sunroom may be a cozy and welcoming space where you can enjoy viewing cardinals at your bird feeder against a snowy backdrop, even on a sunny winter day. Before you set out to install your own, learn why these glass additions are so well-liked and the major drawbacks.


  • additional room for housing.
  • elevated house value According to Remodeling Magazine’s calculations from 2013, a $73,000 sunroom additions in Edmond, OK would increase the home’s value by $34,000.
  • Sunrooms can serve a wide range of functions, including as an extra living space for the family, a home office, a dining area, a home gym, or even a nursery for plants. Regarding how the additional space is utilized, there are no strict guidelines.


  • higher property taxes can rise in tandem with rising home values. Depending on the tax rate in your neighborhood, you might have to spend a few hundred to a few thousand dollars extra in annual property taxes.
  • increased utility costs. When adding a four-season sunroom, homeowners can anticipate higher utility costs since they will need to heat and cool the larger living area.
  • Privacy issues. Passersby will be able to see inside the sunroom if you don’t install blinds or curtains, especially at night.

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While a sunroom on the north side of the house will provide filtered light throughout the day but will avoid the problem of strong direct sunlight, a sunroom on the east side of the house will allow residents to fully enjoy being able to eat breakfast while watching the dawn. Although a sunroom is typically added to the sides or the back of a house, it is not unheard of to do so as well. If the addition will be near the front of the house, the homeowners may be more careful to match the design to the home’s style to enhance (and not detract from) the curb appeal.