Learn How to Apply Vehicle Decals

vehicle decals in Cedar Rapids, IA

Even the most visually challenged of us will know when a car is different than every other car on the road. When we see a new vehicle, its distinctive paint scheme, bright headlights and taillights, and fog lamps tell us how it feels from afar. However, applying decals to reveal more about a car might make our favorite vehicle stand out even more.


vehicle decals in Cedar Rapids, IA are small vinyl pieces applied to a car’s body that covers up existing stickers. The metallic and reflective finish may also create a shiny look for your vehicle.


Even though it has become more common for vehicle owners to apply their decals on their rides, some people still get caught up in creating a design that looks better than the sticker there before.


If you’re interested in having your vehicle detailed, follow these five steps for an easier and smoother application:


Clean the surface of your car thoroughly with car wash soap or a citrus-based all-purpose cleaner. Please make sure any stickers on the cover are removed first; otherwise, they will transfer onto your vinyl once you start applying it. Use masking tape to outline or trace out an image, then remove them after completing your work. Apply a generous amount of paint thinner to help lift any stuck-on adhesive or paper from the surface and clean up any excess with a sponge after drying completely (take a precaution not to breathe in a while doing this). Pour or brush automotive primer into areas where you want to apply decals (apply between brands if you have multiple options available). Make sure all surfaces are dehydrated before using vinyl stickers. The easiest way is by setting the newly primed area in direct sunlight for about six hours, then removing it and reapplying it when needed. This will prevent excessive heat buildup from building up near the vinyl sticker, which can cause it to curl.


Application: Once the surface is arid, you can use a liquid or air brayer to apply the vinyl decals to your vehicle. Use a squeegee or squeegee-like device to help remove air bubbles and smooth out any irregularities in the application. Again, if you are using more than one decal for a specific design, applying them in the same order as described above is essential.