How To Beautify Your House With The Simple Addition Of The Screen Enclosure


Screen enclosure, also known as screen room, is a treasured complement to any house. Screen enclosures can transform a dull patio into a Stylish, functional, and visually attractive alfresco area. Screen enclosure offers an excellent way to dilate the house’s living area and count significant value to the property.

In addition, with screen enclosures in Columbus, GA, homeowners can appreciate their time with a covered spot outside. Adding a screen is one way to deliver privacy and make an alfresco more attractive and convenient.

Types Of Screen Enclosures

You can select screens made from different materials with different goals, lifespans, and prices. Here are seven standard types of screens utilized for screen enclosures:

Phifer 18/14 Screen

Artisan Wire Screen

No, See Um Screen

Polyester Screen

Fiberglass Screen

Solar Screen

Glass Screen

Benefits Of Using Screen Enclosure In Your House

These clever structures of screen enclosure offer genuine advantages. Here you can see the top seven benefits of using screen enclosure.

Screen Enclosures offer the best of both indoor and outdoor to create a space that allows you to enjoy and relish the atmosphere with family.

Keep insects like ticks, Gnats, flies, and mosquitoes can make spending a sunny day outside a pathetic experience, and their bites can cause various illnesses. In contrast, screened-in porch enclosures will serve as a shield, defending your family from these unpleasant visitors.

A patio-screened enclosure Delivers protection from the elements. It creates a private space that significantly decreases weather woes.

Reduce maintenance requirements of repairing burden because the screens stop leaves, branches, and other waste from intruding

A patio screened enclosure provides extra space to contemplate a real bonus. These screen space patios are perfect for entertainment and let the party go on nonetheless of the weather.

Increasing your property’s value means using Screen enclosures gives an affordable way to count the square footage of your house.

A customized structure can easily design to complement the style of your home and create an attractive acquisition with aesthetic charm.


Now you know everything about screen enclosure and how to use it. Now it is up to you how you want to remodel your house from a standard house to an aesthetic one.